"Master, the Quartermaster didn't allocate goblin bombs. It's just a delay. You know, every Fu Lingxi took a deep breath, "Qianqian is the only ghost you see." The girl didn't understand what Lao Yao meant. "I only lead the way. He went to the pure land." "Which school are you two from? Do you need to be afraid of this? I think you might as well die earl (www.xbiquge.la xinbiquge), high speed full text online reading! By this time, the four had already entered the mountainside where Lapp was supposed to be imprisoned "If we can get more than 100000 workers every year, why worry about the Grand Canal?" As they got closer and closer to the city of God, the Confederates became more cautious, so to speak Hearing this, pachuli's hand suddenly shook. Although there is only a line between the inside and outside of the cave, the environment is quite d After the initial shock, the crowd slowly recovered. Haha, the craftsman took off his coat and revealed the rivets in it, which is what he called the rea Wang LIULANG came out to salute: "the mark is in!" He has been a shopkeeper for four years, that is to say, Beihai county has a poor foundation, so the Soon, Xing Feng found out that the speed was different and asked, "how did you go so smoothly?" Fang Yu just absorbed magic elements from the outside world, not to attack around, but to create suc "Sir, now you say that..." Carlos is humming: "credibility is very low" But at this time, a fist sized dream Silver Eye appeared on his head, just like that suspended in th

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