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A dark m é n on the side of the office opens quietly. In this way, the world has become an excellent place for exploration. His right hand was lost behind him, but his palm was bloody. "Uncle, aunt, this is a good way. We have to find Hua Tianyi first." Take a pair of shoes from the back of Ma Huan, and take them to you Looking at Fang Po Lu's dejected appearance, Tang Poetry Classics smile. In despair, many of them are already closing their eyes and waiting to die. Quietly in front of linger, Tang Yue seriously said: "I hope boss Bai can help me keep the secret of In fact, Chen Jiu did not intend to hide it, because polygamy is allowed here, and it is not so diff In this way, mathematics is bound to become Lingyun's short board, which will lead him to even i But now, Wei Guchang actually told them that there were four virtual King states in the dark star, a However, the discussion did not end there. Lucky looked up at the direction of the radar, his two dragon horns began to flash blue arc. Therefore, he is still resourceful and does not suffer losses, but the key is not here. " Time flies, and almost half an hour has passed. All of a sudden, the infinite chaotic turbulence, rotating and forming a circle, and gradually reduc The ancestors of heaven and earth said in a deep voice: After all, they don't fully understand the real strength of Mu Chen, so they don't know whet

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