Seeing that the sword array in the air stopped, the white smoke flashed and turned into human form. At first, Tang Yu chose a straight line, but later, he chose it immediately. In this case, the base The silver light on its two Peng claws burst and turned into two giant claws with tens of feet in le "So, this wedding is unprecedented?" he sighed No matter for him or Xu Yue, it is worth fighting. The division commander called to the soldiers. Although the wing is in the woods did not show all, but Liu Ming Hua believes that he did not read w With the left sleeve covering his face, his right hand suddenly pulled out his saber and raised it h So Huangfu Ren's plea and Huangfu Shuanger's resistance to death made Zhang Feng finally hav She stares at the exit, waiting for someone to come out of it. Since the marriage of fangye, a new generation of Tianjiao of all ethnic groups in the divine region Damn it, this dead woman is cheap again. Ten levels of security, although not the president's level, but at least one level like that of This movement made Ai Qing a little relieved. "Xiyi, I'm afraid it's not easy to fight. Why don't you and I invite the empress and hav He Dong hugged Lin Xuan with pity and said. What's more, Du Shiyi and the crown prince, Wu huifei or not, have nothing to do with each other He can finally take this opportunity to clean up Liu Qingyu.

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